SuperBowl Monday

superbowlPlaying Monday Evening Quarterback, my biggest takeaways from the Super Bowl:

  1. Not exactly one of the most exciting games in recent memory
  2. Lady Gaga did a great job at singing the National Anthem
  3. Denver Defense was more amazing than gave credit to bronco d
  4. Wade Phillips a better defensive coordinator than a head coach
  5. Payton Manning should leave on this high night and retire (diminishing skills, class act)
  6. Cam Newton (not so classy) reminded us why we rooted for Manningcam
  7. Halftime show always the same every year, not worth watching
  8. Best commercial, Doritos! Thanks to NARAL hysteria made this commercial into a great pro-life ad. Love it!doritosDoritos Commercial
  9. Eli Manning did not look so pleased that big brother tied him with two super bowl rings.
  10. The food you eat and the company you keep while watching the Super Bowl is what makes or breaks the event.
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