The Midnight Bill: Unveiling the $1.2 Trillion Spending Surge

In the quiet hours of a Friday night, while most Americans slept, Congress passed a monumental spending bill—a $1.2 trillion injection into the nation’s economy. On the surface, it appears as a necessary measure to keep the government operational. However, beneath the veneer lies a complex fiscal reality that warrants closer examination. The Stealthy Move … Read more

Out of Control Goverment Spending

Government Deficits Since 2000: A Fiscal Odyssey Since the turn of the millennium, the United States government has grappled with persistent budget deficits. These deficits represent the gap between government spending and revenue, leading to a growing national debt. Let’s explore the trajectory of deficits over the past two decades. Deficits on the Rise Interest … Read more

The Vicious Cycle of Government Debt: An Analogy Unveiled

Imagine a scenario where an individual, let’s call them John Q. Public, finds themselves in a financial predicament. John needs to borrow $1000 from someone else to cover their bills for the next two months, agreeing to a 3% interest rate. Initially, John manages to pay off the interest ($15.) every six months for two … Read more

Tik Tok They Won’t Stop

The Implications of Banning TikTok on Privacy, Free Markets, and Freedoms In recent times, the popular social media platform TikTok has come under intense scrutiny from lawmakers and regulatory bodies. Calls to ban or force the sale of TikTok have raised concerns about the potential impact on privacy, free markets, and individual freedoms – echoing … Read more