Incredibles 2 Review

After 14 years of quoting Disney’s The Incredibles Edna Mode, “My God, you are Elastigirl, Pull yourself together.” ( The sequel has finally arrived. In typical fashion, this was another Disney movie that provides laughs for both children and grown-ups alike.

This was one of those rare Disney moments where instead of the main message being to look inside yourself and become the best, they actually nailed it with the villain’s comment that “people will always choose easy and convenient over doing what’s right.”

The world we now live in has become all about fast and easy. Fast food instead of fresh. A pill to mask the symptoms instead of dealing with the cause. Remember those early days of the internet with AOL dial-up….”you’ve got mail?” Used to take minutes instead of nanoseconds to connect or load a page. Now we leave that website or slam the keyboard if it’s taking more than 5 seconds to load the page. And don’t even get me started on streaming videos that have to reload or ask you to try later in the middle of us powering through 4 seasons of a TV series binge watching.

My other big takeaway from the movie was watching Mr. Incredible trying to be a dad, instead of saving the world. Seeing those glimpses of real life, sleep deprived dad trying to figure out “New Math” with his son, or trying to “fix things” with the boy at school that his daughter Violet likes. Seeing Bob, aka Mr. Incredible, struggling with his role as father and homemaker while his wife is out saving the world and just trying to be a superhero to his own wife and kids was as real as it can get.

The scene with baby Jack-Jack fighting the raccoon with his newly discovered superpowers while dad was fast asleep on the couch was quite funny and entertaining.  Watching Mr. Incredible struggle with his role and watching Elastigirl struggling to save the world it could not but remind me of just what an amazing Superhero my wife is for choosing to stay home and raise and school our children in the discipline and instruction of the world, by choosing to do what is right, not what is convenient and easy.

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